Hotel Reservations

Just as in previous years, we have the privilege of using the facilities at The Florida Hotel and Conference Center in Orlando, Florida. We have received the special room rate of $120.00 per night for either a 1 King size bedroom or a 2 queen t beds room. When you make your reservations, make sure […]

Special BSF Members Only Convention Perk

As always, the exhibit, the vendor room, and the raffles are free and open to everyone without having to pay for a daily or weekend registration. But, to watch a demonstration from the various world class artists, or to participate in a workshop, one needs to purchase a registration. A daily registration allows access to […]

Important when registering: Choose an option first

When registering, please be sure to indicate in the “Choose an option” box (yellow arrow below) that you have read and understood the instructions. Once you click on the “YES”, the registration form will become active showing “In stock” (green arrow below). Failure to indicate a choice will cause the registration to not be allocated […]

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