2020 BSF Convention Exhibit

Instructions and Information


It is time to decide which of your exhibit worthy trees you would like to submit for exhibition at the 2020 BSF Convention.    We have approximately 35-40 spots open depending on the size of trees (or shohin displays).  Read the rules below, fill out the Exhibit Submission Form, take the pictures, and return to the selection committee no later than April 1.  The committee will go through all submissions, choosing trees based on size, species, style, movement of tree and foremost, quality.  You will be notified no later than April 15 whether your tree made it into the exhibit or not.  Please understand we probably won’t have enough room for all entries, but we are hoping for a quality representation from across the state.


  1. You must be a member of a BSF affiliated club, a BSF affiliated study group or be an at large BSF member.

  2. Multiple submissions are acceptable. However each submission must include a ‘back story’ of your tree – no more than a short paragraph.

  3. No tree should be submitted that has been shown in a BSF Convention Exhibit in the last 3 years unless it has undergone a major restyling.

  4. All submissions along with a full color photo must be submitted via the Convention website by April 1.
  5. Take the time to use an appropriate backdrop when you are taking a good quality picture of your tree.
  6. The committee will review submissions with acceptance being determined primarily based on quality, but also on balancing different sizes, styles, species and movement of trees.

  7. If accepted, no substitution of trees will be allowed without the prior approval of the Exhibit Co-Chairs. If accepted trees are not in show condition in the weeks leading up to the Convention, inform the Exhibit Co-Chairs as soon as possible at luluquilter@gmail.com.

  8. The Chair may designate certain trees that have been submitted but not accepted for display as ‘stand by’ trees. In the event that an accepted tree is withdrawn from display, the Chair may, at its discretion, choose to not replace the tree, use one of the standby trees or one of the other trees that were originally submitted but not accepted; whichever is determined by the Chair to be in the best interests of the Exhibit taking into consideration the criteria of quality, size, species, style and movement of the trees being considered.
  9. If accepted, you or your representative must be able to deliver the tree, stand, and complementary plant to the Exhibit site at the Florida Hotel between 1:00 and 7:00 0pm Thursday, May 21 and picked up from the Exhibit area between 5:00 PM and 5:30 PM on Sunday, May 24 or between 8:00am and 9:30am on Monday, May 25.
  10. To show your tree, those selected MUST comply with the following criteria.
    • Tree is in good health.
    • Pot cleaned, surface weed free, and fully mossed.
    • Any wire should be unobtrusive and neatly done.
    • A stand and complementary item MUST accompany the tree.
    • No cut or damaged leaves.

  11. Pictures of all exhibit displays will be taken by a BSF volunteer in the Exhibit Room and digital copies will be made available to exhibitors.


Of course, exhibitors will be able to register for either or both of the exhibit critiques at a cost of $25 per critique.  While critique time is limited, preference will be given to critiques of exhibitors’ trees, if requested.


Kathrin Harris, Lunetta & Michael Knowlton  2020 Exhibit Co-Chairs

2020 Exhibit Submittal Form


(For Cascades, measure from Apex to Bottom of Cascade)
(This is very important for display placement)
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