Many Changes

Those of you who are convention regulars will notice quite a few changes to this year’s program. Let’s go over a few of the them.

Due to Covid restrictions in place, we are limiting the number of participants to the critiques to 10, therefore, instead of 2 critiques we will have 4. One on Friday morning, one on Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday morning. Check the program to see the headliners conducting each critique.

We received several comments concerning the Main Exhibit opening so late on Friday nights. Beginning this year, the main exhibit will be open from 9am to 5pm on all 3 days. Please check the program for closings during lunch hours.

We realize that Club Night is a very popular part of the convention, but we found no feasible way to have it this year with the Covid restrictions in place. We decided to move the Scholarship Competition to Saturday Night. This year will be the first final with the newly established 3 tier competition. For a Bsf member to participate in the finals, they had to first win the club level and then the district level competitions. We hope to have all districts represented. Competition to be judged by our headliners.

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  1. Your site is TERRIBLE! I registered and signed up for a Workshop. Closed down the site, returned and therre is no longer anything in my cart! This is NOT acceptable.

    The “M Accojumt section is also now empty!!!

    Jeanne Florio – KAWA – 973-727-3088

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