Special BSF Member’s Only Convention Perk

This year’s Bonsai Societies of Florida Annual Convention will take place May 26-28, 2023 in Orlando Florida at the Florida Hotel and Convention Center.

The headliners are Elsa Boudouri, from Greece, and Jose E. Rodriguez from Puerto Rico, and featuring Florida artists Cayo Mattos and Alex Mendoza, the first and second place winners of the 2022 BSF Scholarship Competition.

As always, the exhibit, the vendor room, and the raffles are free and open to everyone without having to pay for a daily or weekend registration. But, to watch a demonstration from the various world class artists, or to participate in a workshop, one needs to purchase a registration. A daily registration allows access to all demos, observation of workshops and purchase of workshop participation. A full weekend registration gives you all that, plus a ticket to the closing banquet.

There have been years where a full registration has been as much as $400, and some years less than $100. This year, a full three-day registration with hotel stay is $130 and a daily registration is $60. Without hotel stay it’s $170 and $80, respectively. 

This year, however, as a perk to and exclusive only to BSF members in good standing, we are offering a free ticket to attend one demo of your choice without the purchase a registration, either daily of full.  How it will work:

First, look at the schedule below:

Second, figure out which day you are coming, and which demo you’d like to watch on that day.

Third, send an email to Adam (convention@bonsai-bsf.com) with your name, club name, or whether you’re an at-large member, and which demo you’d like to attend. Your name will be put on a list, and then, at the convention registration desk, you can pick up the ticket for that demo. At the door to the demo room, there will be a docent to let you in.

If you are not yet a BSF member, you can join a local BSF-affiliated club, or become an at-large member by following this Link.

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